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NovaPlaque is a excellent interior or exterior sign medium. This highly corrosion resistant metal alloy consists of a mixture of mostly carbon, nickel and cobalt.

Primary Uses:

bulletInterior and Exterior memorial plaques and signage.
bulletHistorical markers in remote public areas which are subject to high vandalism.
bulletMarkers in National Parks.


The markers on this page are located in a remote area in northern Wyoming. Even though they are exposed to the roughest of elements year around they still look good.

nova plaque mounted on six foot boulder

This tough material will withstand most scratches as well as bullet holes. We are able to reproduce your line art images as well as photographs with amazing clarity with NovaPlaque.

This marker is attached to a boulder over six feet high. It utilizes dark bronze background with gold lettering.

Click the picture for an enlargement.



This marker is mounted on free standing posts.
It utilizes both old photographs from 1942-1945 and line drawings from the same era.
This 3/8" plate is blind tapped onto on an additional 3/8" back plate which is then welded onto its stand.

nova plaque with historic photos

Click the picture for an enlargement.



nova metal plaque

This marker contains an old photograph taken in 1942 along with a line drawing and text.
This monument was placed in 1977, well over 20 years ago, and it still looks as good as new.
Color is bronze background with gold letters.

Click the picture for an enlargement.


bulletDurability, bullets glance right off.
bulletFlexibility in sizing.
bulletCan be blind tapped without a back plate.
bulletWide range of background colors available: black, silver, gold, red, green, blue, plus various shades of bronze.
bulletUnlimited type sizes and styles. Layout is computer generated so layout can made to fit most applications.
bulletExcellent when fine detail is needed in drawings.
bulletPhotographs reproduced well.
bulletGraffiti (spray paint) can be cleaned off easily with a mild cleaner.
bulletPlate thickness; both 1/4" and 3/8" is available.



bulletMore expensive than Metal Photo.
bulletProduction time is 3-5 weeks.



For a free personal no-obligation consultation please fill out the form below including as much detail on on the following items as possible.



Copy to be on plaque. Please attach the file if available.


Will the layout contain a photograph? How many?


Mounting surface, brick wall, concrete slab, etc.


Will a logo or other line art be used? Please attach the file if available.


Size constraints if any.


Vertical or horizontal layout.


Date needed. (standard production 3-5 weeks after proof approval)


Detailed description of what you are looking  for.
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