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MetalPhoto Plaques

MetalPhoto is ideal for creating your concept on metal.
A photographic process is utilized to impregnate your image into the anodic layer of photosensitive aluminum. The result is a permanent, scratch and chemical resistant image that is not only attractive, but durable. An ideal choice for exterior applications.


Primary Uses:

bulletInterior and Exterior (silver only) memorial plaques.
bulletAny type of recognition plaque that calls for replication of fine detail such as architectural drawings.


Metal Photo mounted on Granite

This silver MetalPhoto plate is permanently mounted to a metal backing plate which is then grouted into this granite rock. The result is an attractive marker which can be placed in very remote locations.
This piece incorporates both line images (see the welder in the lower right) and a photograph along with text.

Click the picture for an enlargement.


Detail of the grouting around the edges and back of the plate can be seen here.
The key is to keep any water from getting behind the plate which could cause separation of the plate from the rock.

metalphoto2.jpg (6719 bytes)

Click the picture for an enlargement.

Available in both gold, silver and copper background with black print. Only the silver recommended for exterior use due to the fact that the others will eventually fade to silver.


Thickness of plates: .020", .030" and .060" in sizes up to 24x40".
Available by special order up to .125" thick and larger sizes.

If the application is for exterior use the plates are generally mounted to a metal backing plate with adhesive and screws. The backing plate 1/8" - 1/4" thick can have studs welded to it for mounting into rock or mortar.


metalphoto3.jpg (37355 bytes)

In this dedication marker we combined line graphics with text to create the desired effect for this water fowl area. 

Click the picture for an enlargement.



metalphoto3a.jpg (41640 bytes)

Close up of the 12"x18" marker mounted in a river rock marker at Alkali Lake.

Click the picture for an enlargement.



bulletQuick turn around time. 10-14 days
bulletFlexibility in sizing
bulletNot limited by cast type sizes. Layout is computer generated so layout can made to fit most applications.
bulletExcellent when fine detail is needed in drawings or photographs are needed.
bulletGraffiti (spray paint) can be cleaned off easily with a mild cleaner.
bulletRush service is available for this product.


bulletPlates are thin and soft so must be mounted to firm, flat background.
bulletVandal resistance is moderate since the plates are an aluminum alloy and can be scratched with other metals or rocks.


For a free personal no-obligation consultation please fill out the form below including as much detail on on the following items as possible.



Copy to be on plaque. Please attach the file if available.


Will the layout contain a photograph? How many?


Mounting surface, brick wall, concrete slab, etc.


Will a logo or other line art be used? Please attach the file if available.


Size constraints if any.


Vertical or horizontal layout.


Date needed. (standard production 10-14 days after proof approval)


Detailed description of what you are looking  for.
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