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Bronze Plaques
Granite & Brick Pavers
Metal Photo
Acid Etch


You're in the right place whether you are trying to raise money for a new building or addition or simply provide a remembrance of  loved ones who have passed on.

The professionals at Marquis Awards are eager to work one on one with you to develop a program that best fits your needs.


Cast Bronze Plaques Acid Etch
Cast Bronze and Aluminum plaques have been the industry standard for memorial and dedication markers for centuries.
They feature raised letters with a recessed background.
Acid Etch plaques offer a similar look as cast plaques with their recessed background (or reversed). Greater detail and smaller letter sizes are obtainable with acid etched plaques making them the choice for many applications.

bronze plaque

acid etch.gif (11030 bytes)

Click on the image for more information.

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Metal Photo


Metal Photo will result in a smooth permanently printed thin plate. It allows for excellent reproduction of photographs and line drawings.
Due to the thickness of the plate Metal Photo plates are generally mounted with a heavier backing plate.
NovaPlaque is a tough metal alloy electrochemically etched with your image. An excellent choice for use in public or remote areas where vandalism is a concern.

Metal Photo plate on Granite

novalloy plaque mounted on 6 foot rock

Click on the image for more information. Click on the image for more information.


For your convenience we have put together this simple price comparison for the five most common materials used for exterior memorial markers.
For details on each individual process and its advantages and disadvantages  click on the specific image above.

Price Comparison for Exterior Markers

Size *Metal Photo NovaPlaque Cast Bronze Cast Aluminum Acid Etch
6"x8" 117 215 170 148 135
18"x20" 448 990 728 554 690
* Includes metal backing plate for mounting.
These prices are estimates based on the average amount of copy, no photographs or halftones. Mounting pedestals or bases are extra.


Granite & Brick Pavers

Donor names deep etched in granite or brick pavers are an excellent way to raise funds for a building project.
Your organization can profit from $200 to over $800 per square foot with our paver plan. That's up to $800,000 for a 1000 square foot area.

Click on the image for more information.



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