Granite & Brick Pavers
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Deep Etched Paver Tiles and Bricks

Pavers & Bricks.jpg (19523 bytes) A "set in stone" tribute to those who have contributed so much!

    Etched pavers from granite or brick, displayed in a walkway or a wall, are a lasting legacy to contributors of major fundraising projects. People are more willing to be benefactors when they know their name will be forever carved in stone for future generations to see.

    Paver tiles and bricks are available in a variety of different materials and colors. Pricing is dependent upon quantity requirements, type of material chosen, amount of copy to be etched, and freight charges. Please contact customer service with your specifications for a special quote.


Scenario I with Granite Pavers

Approximate prices for 12x12x1-1/2" granite pavers etched with three lines and without a logo generally run $40-$45each and are sold for $250-$500+ each for fundraising. Therefore if you have a 1000 square foot area to cover and sell 1000 pavers your profit is $200,000-$450,000.
 That's $200 to $450 per square foot! This can go a long way toward your building project.


Scenario II with Brick Pavers

    Approximate prices for etched clay brick pavers etched with two lines without a logo generally run $13-$15each and are generally sold for $100-$200 each for fundraising. Therefore if you have a 1000 square foot area to cover and sell 4500 pavers your profit would be from $380,000-$830,000.
 That's $380 to $830 per square foot.

    You need to determine what your market will stand. How many can you sell in a reasonable amount of time and what can you get for them. It is generally best to run a  limited time and quantity selling campaign. This way there is an end to your project and volunteers and donors will not grow tired of it.


For a free personal consultation please fill out the form below including as much detail on on the following items as possible.


Area to be covered, minimum and maximum.


Preference of clay brick or granite pavers.


Will all pavers be sold first or will names be added at a later date?


How much money does your project need to raise?


Will the pavers be used on a floor or as a wall? Indoors or out of doors?


Date project is to be completed?


How many do you think you can sell in a 6 month campaign and for what price?


Detailed description of what you are looking  for.
E-mail (required for response)


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