Crystal Vases
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World-Class Crystal Vases...
selected from renowned crystal-producing countries from around the world.


asi63110-Jc9820bl.jpg (14575 bytes) Amadeus Blue Base
24% Lead Crystal Available in blue, amethyst or clear crystal.
Dimensions: Large Vase
9"H x 5-1/2"W
JC9820BL 1 2 12 25
Large 245.00 240.00 235.00 230.00
Specify Clear JC9820CL, or Blue JC9820BL, or Amethyst JC9820AM


Dimensions: Small Vase
6-1/2"H x 4"W
JC9830BL 1 2 12 25
Regular 175.00 170.00 165.00 160.00
Specify Clear JC9830CL, or Blue JC9830BL or Amethyst JC9830AM
Production time 10-12 days
Includes etched personalization.
Setup $95.00


Arabesque Vase
24% Lead Crystal vase on base as shown.
Vase - 11-3/4"H x 8-3/4"W
Base - 3"H x 6"W x 6"D
JC1378CL 1 2 6
539.00 529.00 499.00
Production time 10-12 days
Includes engraved brass plate.
Logos extra.


asi63110-jc1296.jpg (7247 bytes) San Pietro Crystal Vase
An excellent example of Renaissance fused crystal. Beauty and symmetry were the emphasis in crystal created during the Renaissance period, which ran from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The "fusing" or "casing" of crystal is a painstaking process in which a design of colored crystal is created and after reheating, is undercoated with clear crystal hand-blown to the final shape and size. Through several heating, cooling, and blowing processes, the two colors are ultimately fused together, creating a piece unparalleled in beauty and style.
12-1/2"H x 8"W
JC1296 1 2 6
375.00 365.00 350.00
Includes etched personalization.
Setup $95.00
Production time 10-12 days


asi63110-Jc1430.jpg (6125 bytes) Berkley Vase
The elegance and consummate artistry of Ireland's Georgian past finds beautiful expression in Dublin Crystal. The Berkley Vase featured here is a testament to Dublin's dedication to uncompromising excellence.
24% Lead Crystal
12"H x 6-1/4"W
JC1430 1 2 6
399.00 389.00 379.00
Includes etched personalization.
Setup $95.00
Production time 10-12 days


asi63110-jc1250cl.jpg (12524 bytes) Siena European Crystal Vase
24% Lead Crystal available in clear or blue.
10"H x 7-1/2"W
JC1250CL 1 2 12 25
234.00 229.00 224.00 219.00
Specify Clear JC1250CL, or Blue JC1250BL
Includes etched personalization.
Setup $95.00
Production time 10-12 days


asi63110-jc6415.jpg (70639 bytes) Marsala Crystal Vase
24% Lead Crystal
10-1/8"H x 6-1/8"W
JC6415 1 12 25 50
169.00 159.00 149.00 139.00
Includes etched personalization.
Setup $95.00
Production time 10-12 days


asi63110-jc1124.jpg (8581 bytes) Traditions Crystal Vase
An heirloom showpiece in pristine 24% lead crystal, the Traditions Vase has a timeless quality that never goes out of style. Deep etching with names or special message, makes this piece a superior gift or executive award.
Base is not fused to vase.
Vase: 12"H x 5-1/2" W
Base: 1-7/8"H x 6" Sq.
JC1124 2 12 25 50
w/o Base 90.00 84.00 80.00 74.00
w/ Base 130.00 124.00 120.00 114.00
Includes etched personalization on vase and text engraving on brass plate.
Less then 2 pieces add $65.00
Setup $95.00
Production time 10-12 days


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