Additional Bronzes
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Many times uniqueness and individuality are what makes a particular dedication plaque memorable.

Such as the simple "GOOD" plaque mounted on a piece of petrified wood in a cemetery pictured below.


Additional samples of Cast Bronze utilizing 3-D bas-relief sculpting combined with raised letter text.



bronze-bas-relief 56x16.gif (47601 bytes) Creative use of trees and landscaping make this plaque unique and treasured by the family.
Click image for larger picture.


bronze-bas relief2.gif (52164 bytes) An array of three dimensional images makes  this wall reflect a very powerful statement.

Click image for larger picture.



bronze-petrified wood.jpg (45963 bytes)

Here we have a bronze mounted in concrete on the left side with the family name "Good" in another very simple bronze mounted to a piece of petrified wood.

Click image for larger picture.



The 30-foot Royal Crest for the Sultan of Brunei's 747 hangar was one of our factory's  largest projects.

bronze-BruneiWings.gif (13983 bytes)

Click image for larger picture.



Due to the crest's unusually large size, portions were assembled in the parking lot of Matthews' Pittsburgh plant.

bronze-BruneiWings2.gif (73121 bytes)

Click image for larger picture.



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