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EZ Mount™ Perpetual Plaque System

Our new EZ Mount™ perpetual plaque system allows you to move plates around in any order you choose, as many times as you wish. Even without a screwdriver!
The plates simply slide in from the end of our EZ Mount™ rails.
We can custom design your EZ Mount™ perpetual plaque to fit your specific needs, virtually any size is available to accommodate any number of plates you need.



The Problem...



A local church group would like to be able to insert individual plates within previously mounted plates on their memorial plaque.
They need to be able to change the order of the plates from time to time.
The committee feels some connection to the old plaque and would like to reuse some of the plates.


The plaque brought in to us.


Detail of the same plaque showing an attempt by someone to insert plates between plates.


pre-slider plaque1.jpg (27026 bytes) pre-slider2.jpg (44097 bytes)

Click image for a larger view.

Click image for a larger view.



The Solution...






Our design team came up with a unique solution that allowed individual plates to be inserted between previously mounted plates.

The order of the plates can easily be changed as many times as needed through the years.

We were able to utilize the original header and footer plates since they were still in good shape. New perpetual plates were engraved to give the plaque a more professional look since none of the old engraving matched from one plate to the next.

Let us custom design
your EZ Mount™ plaque to suit
your specific needs.

It's so easy!
Simply slide the individual
plates right in the rails!

EZ_mount_plaque1.jpg (32976 bytes) EZ_mount_plaque2.jpg (11261 bytes)

Click image for a larger view.

Click image for a larger view.



Due to the custom nature of these plaques we do not have stock sizes. All pricing is by quote.
To give you an idea of the affordability of a the EZ Mount™ plaque the plaque  pictured above cost less than $400.00 as shown.

The Specs for the plaque above are as follows:
Size: 18" x 24"
Material: solid red oak 
Perpetual plates this layout accommodates:  53
Perpetual plates included in this plaque 25
Perpetual plate size 1" x 2-7/8"
Two stock litho-printed logos.

This specific customer only wanted to add the plates needed at the present time so the rest were left out to be added at a later date when needed.


For a free personal consultation please fill out the form below including as much detail on on the following items as possible.



Copy to be on plaque. Attach file if needed.


How many individual plates will you need? Will they all be engraved?


Preference of oak or walnut, or any other wood.


Will a logo be needed? Please attach the file.


Size constraints if any.


Vertical or horizontal layout.


The date you need your finished plaque for presentation.


Detailed description of what you are looking  for.
E-mail (required for response)


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